Sharing ‘Born In Malaysia’

Tan Joo Lee, Kenny Loh, Allie Hill

Tan Joo Lee, our writer, Kenny Loh & Allie Hill, the book designer circa 2013 during the book launch


Feature photo - Sharing BIM with Malaysia 03

Publishing Born In Malaysia wasn’t the end of my journey to discover Malaysia. It was only the beginning for I have been inspired by people who told me how the stories and images in my book have resonated with them.

Since I published the book, I feel that there are many fellow Malaysians who are with me as I continue to document Malaysians. However, there are only so many that my book could reach out to. In Malaysia today, there are some who are preaching messages of hate and intolerance to further their own selfish agenda. I believe it’s all the more important for positive Malaysian voices and stories to be heard, to counter those who are seeking to undermine our harmonious, multi-cultural society.

I wanted Malaysians out there to know that all is not lost.. That the Malaysia we all love is still out there waiting to be discovered.

I gave a lot of thought on how more Malaysians can accompany me on my quest .

Today marks another chapter on my journey. These are stories that I couldn’t publish in the book that I will be sharing.

My web site will allow me the space to publish stories that are more in-depth including stories that did not make it into the book. This is a journey that I will continue as long as I can. It will also be refreshing to be able to post stories as and when I complete them rather than wait for all of the stories to be compiled into a book.

I will be sharing one story a week from the book on the Born in Malaysia website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. In addition to the original stories in English, there will also be Malay and Chinese translations, respectively by Hisham Idris and Jackson Mah, so more can read the stories. We are also working on translating the book into the Indian language and possibly, any of the indigenous languages of Malaysia.

I will also be revisiting the people that made Born In Malaysia so special to me by publishing behind-the-scenes photographs of the original interview sessions as well as my recollections of the interviews.

Finally, I would like to invite readers to share their Malaysian stories with me. Tell me about that someone special you know. Whenever possible, I will visit that person in order to document his/her story, to be shared on the website. Eventually, I’d like to invite readers to contribute stories and photographs to the Born In Malaysia project.

It is my  honour and privilege to share the stories of Malaysians with you.

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