“Being a father is the best job in the world”

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Sean Gregory

Sean Gregory. 46, 2013. sound engineer and rally co-driver

Sean grew up in Melaka’s Portuguese Settlement. His grandmother was a Kristang while his great-grandfather came from Canton, China. He embraces his mixed heritage but says that what is more important is how we carry ourselves. He himself deals with the world with love and kindness, and the world has blessed him with a loving family and two of the best jobs in the world.

Fresh out of school, Sean made his way to Kuala Lumpur and got a job as a sound engineer. It was a natural fit for a young man who had an undying passion for sound and music.

Then he started rallying, as a navigator and co-driver. This new passion has taken him all over the world and gained him recognition as an excellent navigator. However, to him there is no greater prize than the adoration of his two young children who think he’s the best father in the world.

Sean Gregory & his son in 2013

Sean Gregory & his son in 2013

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