Caring for the homeless

Teddy Mobile Clinic -9618

Dr S. Madhusudhan. Teddy Mobile Clinic
Kuala Lumpur 2017

Dr. S. Madhusudhan first started to provide free medical check-ups for the homeless with Kechara Soup Kitchen.

There came a point when Dr Madhu, as everyone calls him, decided that there needed to be a day dedicated for the homeless and that was when he decided to start the Teddy Mobile Clinic. His nickname came about as the homeless children would sometimes receive a teddy bear during his visits.

When the clinic was first started, Dr Madhu was the only doctor but his brother, S. Krishna, who is also a doctor soon joined the clinic followed by his sister, S. Sudheshna, a pharmacist.

People often ask why the homeless do not seek treatment at hospitals. Would they be welcome if they did? The distance is sometimes too far for them to travel to. There is also a psychological reason as they feel not worthy of medical attention.

Many have come to Kuala Lumpur to make a living. Some fail while others succeed but it is reassuring that no matter what, Dr Madhu and his volunteers are out there for anyone who needs medical care.

Teddy Mobile Clinic _DSC5287

Dr. Madhu about to photobomb volunteer doctors. L-R Andrea, Shang An, Tasneem, Teeba

Teddy Mobile Clinic -7430

Heng Wai Chan & S. Sudheshna, Dr. Madhu’s sister who is a pharmacist.

Teddy Mobile Clinic -9630

Dr. Madhu and his sister S. Sudheshna, a pharmacist. Both sporting the same big smile.

Dr. Nurul & Dr.Nazrin

Dr. Nurul & Dr.Nazrin

Teddy Mobile Clinic -7366

Dr. Hanita in the foreground with Dr. Nurul & Dr. Tasneem on the extreme right.

Teddy Mobile Clinic -5221

The mobile clinic at Masjid Negara

Teddy Mobile Clinic -7227

Dr Madhu with Ashween Dev (volunteer) and Jasmeen.

Teddy Mobile Clinic -2

The mobile clinic at Jalan Hang Lekiu

Teddy Mobile Clinic -7349

L to R: Dr. Hanita, Dr. Nurul & Dr. Tasneem

Teddy Mobile Clinic -9610

Vinosha, a medical graduate in the foreground.

Teddy Mobile Clinic -7187 Teddy Mobile Clinic _DSC9648 Teddy Mobile Clinic -5212 Teddy Mobile Clinic -5142

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