Feature photo - SEMOA project


We are working with SEMOA on a funding initiative for the Orang Asal children who want to stay at their dormitory in Pahang. SEMOA is an NGO who manage a dormitory in Pahang where Orang Asal children can stay for free. The biggest problem for most Orang...

Seberang Perai

Seberang Perai book

Ivy Soon and I published a book on Seberang Perai titled, 'Seberang Perai - Stories from Across the Sea' in August 2016. The book was funded by thinkCITY Butterworth. The book is currently available at MPH Bookstores, Kinokuniya, Areca Books and Gerak Budaya in Penang. Go to the Acros the...

SUKA Society 2015


[caption id="attachment_2198" align="alignnone" width="1024"] SUKA Society 2015[/caption] We are working on a project to document the schools in rural areas supported by the society....