Testimonial from a reader

After reading this book, I wanted so badly to send a copy to my friends in US.
I had worked with them overseas and for long spells and, during our numerous conversations in the evenings and in between travelling, have told them about Malaysia. The unique traits and characteristics and also the setting that was different.

But your book encapsulated all of this so well – the photos and the text worked so well. It gave me a sense of nostalgia and yet it brought out parts of the Malaysian culture that are so everyday and yet so special. Worth showing to the world.

So I sent five different people a copy each. So far one of them has received it. She teaches in a university in NY and this is the message she sent me:

“… The book arrived! I’ve started it, but at this time in the semester, I know I’ll dip in and out of it for weeks. Of course I started skipping around when I realized I didn’t need to read sequentially — the printer, the newspaperman, the ferryman, those on the fringe. The photographs alone are complex narratives and hold the eye with structure and color. And most of the verbal narratives, too short! Well, not too short for the book — the balance is right — but they leave me wanting more.
It’s a beautiful intro to the country, better than any travel guide, certainly better than any social science study of the transition. Though I’ve no idea when I’ll be back, I’ll bring it with me! …”

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