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I was interviewed by DurianFM along with U.C. Loh (no relation to Kenny)  of Artemis Gallery who represent my work. The interview was in Mandarin. A little background here. I last spoke Mandarin when I was living in China so it has been a number of years since then. U.C. on the other hand was articulate and probably saved my life yesterday 🙂

It was amazing to see how Essel was interviewing us and at the same time, taking photos of us along with blogging. Nice.

While we were being interviewed, Jamal Al-Idrus (co-founder of Artemis Art and no relation to Jamal, the founder of Durian FM) spent the entire time looking at us through the window while we were in the studio. I only wonder if he made anything out of what we were saying, Mandarin not being his spoken language of choice 🙂

Unity is a hot topic these days and its good to see how important it is to all of us Malaysians. We are all in this together and I pray that the ones who value living in harmony with others will not be drowned out by the few who continue to practice bigotry and racism. If you love your country, it helps by leaving hate for other races out of the equation.

Thank you Yan Yan and Essel Yap for having us on the show.


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