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Sapna Anand. Chef and cookbook author

Kuala Lumpur 2017

Sapna Anand is an Indian national who arrived in Malaysia 17 years ago with her husband. Prior to that, she lived with her husband in San Francisco, United States. Sapna freely admits her husband cooked better than her then but as is often the case, necessity pushed her to buy her first cookbook.

However, it was only when she arrived in Malaysia that her cooking took off. Malaysia being a melting pot of cultures had much to offer this aspiring chef.

A year-long stint at the Le Cordon Bleu academy to study pastry-making further developed her cooking ability. The combination of western pastries and Indian cuisine was the turning point in her career. The result was a series of cookbooks, teaching and cooking professionally and soon, a line of signature spice blends with Hexa.

She’s keeping her latest project a secret but like others who start their ventures In Malaysia, it will surely be a success.

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