“I cannot see”

Abdul Kader with his precious electric drill

Abdul Kader with his precious electric drill

Abdul Kader. Bangladeshi. Odd-job worker. Kuala Lumpur 2016

Abdul Kader goes everywhere with a folder containing documents pertaining to a case an NGO has brought on his behalf against a factory in Malaysia. 3 years ago, Abdul Kader lost sight in one eye after a battery exploded while he was working on it. At the factory where it happened, the workers were not issued with safety equipment. Had Abdul been wearing safety goggles, he would not be in his current predicament.

This is Abdul’s 10th year in Malaysia but it looks like his ability to work has been seriously jeopardised. He saw Malaysia as a chance to make enough money to return home to start a little business. As things stand, that dream has ended. As he is not able to see properly, full-time jobs are not available. He is only able to work on the occasional part-time job which pays even less but he keeps working nonetheless.

Abdul’s friends have taken pity on him and given him a space to live at their flat.

An NGO is currently assisting Abdul in pursing compensation from the company he worked for. There is no indication of whether they will be successful.

Note: More information can be found at the Migrant88 website or you can reach them at email, an action based NGO aimed at promoting and protecting the dignity and well-being of Bangladeshi migrants (abroad) and their familes at home. Volunteers are always welcome.


Left blinded in the left eye

Left blinded in the left eye

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