“I never wasted money on good food”


Abdul Rahman. 42. Bangladeshi. Kuala Lumpur. 2016.

22 years ago, Abdul Rahman landed in Malaysia with hardly any education and certainly no work experience. His first job was at a plastic factory where he worked for 5 years.

A frugal man, Abdul never spent money on good food or drink. He always ate simply in order to save every cent. “I am Bangladeshi. No one is going to give me money because of who I am. I have to work very hard to make a living.” Abdul says.

As his financial situation improved, he felt confident enough to consider marriage. He is married to a Malay girl.

Abdul Rahman now owns 3 grocery shops throughout Kuala Lumpur. Not bad for someone who arrived in Malaysia with almost nothing.

Note: More information can be found at the Migrant88 website or you can reach them at email, an action based NGO aimed at promoting and protecting the dignity and well-being of Bangladeshi migrants (abroad) and their familes at home. Volunteers are always welcome.




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