“Every Nepalese man wants to see the world”

Nepali men -1094

Biru Gurung, David Sapkota, Pradeep Shrejtha & Tek Nath Chaudhary

Nepalese security guards, Kuala Lumpur 2016

“In Nepal, it is normal for men to want to see the world. You can see it in our history.” The most well-known Nepalese were the Gurkhas. Although they were a fierce fighting force, Nepalese men continue the tradition somewhat in taking up positions as security guards throughout Malaysia.

Instead of finishing his education, David Sapkota chose to travel the world and found himself in Malaysia. He soon found work as a security guard. Along with his three friends who are also Nepalese, they gather to have an authentic Nepalese meal every 2 weeks.

David pointed out how Nepalese men can usually look entirely different from each other; even if they are from the same family.

He did not venture a guess on why!


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