From Malaysia to Kathmandu

Nepali at Medan Pasar -9894

Rama Nanda Teli. Medan Pasar, Kuala Lumpur 2016

Like most Nepalese here, Rama came to Malaysia several years ago looking for a better job. But a better job should not be confused with those seeking a better living.

How is it a better living when you’re living in a foreign country far from home where you apart from your family. As there aren’t many jobs available in his home country, the only option to earn a decent income was to leave for another country.

After a few years of work in Malaysia, Rama’s belongings fill just one suitcase but he is hopeful that the money he had saved over the years would allow him to start a business at home.

What he has written on the bag says it all.

What’s he’s written on the bag says it all.

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