“If you are given the opportunity to help a child, do not hesitate”

SHARIFAH SHARINA BINTI SYED ASWAD – Malaysian – Child Educator – Project IQRA (Interviewed in 2017)

SHARIFAH IS PASSIONATE ABOUT THE WELFARE of the kids she works with. “The biggest deterrent for children to learn at school is if they are behind in their lessons. Kids will quickly lose interest at school if they all of their classmates are better than them in their studies” she says.

Project IQRA’s mission is noble. It is to ensure that underprivileged children and teenagers living in orphanage and communities are given all the help needed to bring them up to speed with the rest of the students at school. To this end, Sharifah and her team identify low-cost housing projects and orphanages and spend time teaching there.

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