“I’m sharing this gift that God has given me”

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Edwin Nathaniel and Jackie-Gunasekera Nathaniel, owners

Music Mart, Petaling Jaya. 2009

Edwin started playing drums when he was nine years old and has never stopped. His gift has taken him all over the world and given him the privilege of performing with some of Malaysia’s best artistes as well as with Aseana Percussion Unit, the band he co-founded in 1989.

However, it is his passion that has allowed rhythm to be a part of every facet of his life. Edwin and his wife, Jackie, set up Music Mart, a music school focussing on contemporary music. However, what gives him the greatest satisfaction is developing a programme using drumming, percussion and rhythm as a form of therapy for learning disabled children. Now he also takes that programme to schools, orphanages and old folks’ homes.




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