Kampung Hakka, Mantin

I had fun that day, enjoying the lovely sound of Hakka being spoken. I did make the mistake of trying to engage them in conversation using my tragic Hakka at which point everyone reverted to Cantonese! Food was plentiful with delicious Hakka delicacies.

As always, a developer through some expert manoeuvring has bought the land in which Kampung Hakka is located and is in the process of evicting these people who have lived on the land for 5 generations.

I was invited into a number of homes and it was a pleasure to see history up close. I could imagine the voices from the past and everyone who had lived there.

Further information is available through the facebook page of Rakan Mantin, a community initiative to promote and to protect historical and cultural landscape from indiscriminate destruction. Victor Chin is the driving force behind this initiative to preserve Kampung Hakka.



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