Mimi Mashud “Comics is like a movie”

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“Comics is like a movie… Except that you don’t have to deal with as many people’.

MIMI Mashud is obviously a Kuala Terengganu insider. Her travelogue KUALA TERENGGANU in 7 DAYS offers an intimate and quirky account of her family’s trip to her mother’s hometown. Her comic strips, with its smatterings of the local lingo and inside jokes, are an interesting visual tour of this east coast capital.

But it is Mimi’s affection for Kuala Terengganu – expressed in her detailed drawings of everyday objects and scenes – that is most compelling. Her gift is the ability to elevate this quiet town into a fascinating experience through her artistic interpretations.

Mimi had always told her stories best through her drawings. When she was growing up, she drew comics, made picture books and happily shared them with her friends.
These days, her world has expanded and she is just as keen to share her experiences through her travelogues.

Mimi calls herself a travelogue-comic artist and has a unique style and view of the world that is fresh and unique. How often do we travel and do nothing but eat and take selfies. On the other hand, nothing escapes Mimi. Rather than relying on a tourist guide book, Mimi’s book makes a much better guide as it’s told with heart and appeals to the senses.

In a way, this Bangi girl has come full circle in her journey to where she is today.

Although she remembered declaring to her teacher that her ambition is to be an artist and her parents encouraged her to explore her artistic talents, Mimi did not pursue a career in arts.

Instead, she did a degree in multimedia in Melbourne. She then spent five years working in an IT department before attempting to get a job in advertising. She was not hired as her portfolio was deemed too limited for advertising.

The setback was the push that led to her resignation from her IT job. She decided to focus on developing her portfolio. Her parents – her mum was a teacher in Kajang and her father an executive at Petronas – were supportive of her decision.

Mimi has been making up for lost time, coming out with her first travelogue BEIJING in 5 DAYS, in 2013. There is a book on South Korea in the works.

She takes on other illustration assignments too, though she says her passion is in drawing comics because “it is like a movie where you get to call the shots on many aspects of the final product. Perfect for introverts”.

Mimi can be contacted via her website at The first 20 pages of her book, KUALA TERENGGANU in 7 DAYS is available to view on her website.

Mimi Mashud comic


Detailed drawing

Detailed drawing

Original drawing before coloring

Original drawing before coloring


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