Searching for identity


Jeffrey Lim. Designer, photographer, cyclist. Kuala Lumpur, 2016

Jeffrey Lim is a very busy man. Three websites document his various projects. His workspace is crammed full of items that make up his projects. Customized Kanta-Box cameras stored in one corner, art installations in progress, reference material for future projects, bicycle bags, drills, machines, a report on Kuala Lumpur for a client,  photographs and so on.

Most of Jeffrey’s projects are about searching for identity and a sense of belonging; hence the Cycling Kuala Lumpur Bicycle Map project. “Everything I do is towards finding an identity, the bicycle is just a vehicle to facilitate it” he says.


Most prominent of his many projects is the Cycling Kuala Lumpur Bicycle Map. Compiled and written by local cycling and community volunteers, this map acts as a guide and journey planner for cyclists in Kuala Lumpur.

Another cycling centric project is the Village Bicycle Workshop cycling movement. It is focused on sharing everything about being local and communal in support of cycling. The latest event being Re-CYCLE, Give CYCLE, on 27-November, 2016, where 10 bicycles were restored. The restored bicycles were given to MAKNA which supports children and adults surviving cancer.


Jeffrey’s projects not related to bicycles include Kanta-box, a camera that uses an ingenious and economical method to produce images instantly. Kanta, which means lens in Malay, was built entirely from waste and found materials.

The best way to keep up with Jeffrey is via his Studio 25 website which lists ‘future projections and intentions.’

He has one mantra that he attempts to follow vigorously, and that is to have closure for each project. “This is the only way to ensure that each project is completed.” he says.


The Kanta-box camera


The view through the Kanta-box camera


At his pop-up store at Chocha Foodstore in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur.


Tools and parts laid out at Re-CYCLE, Give CYCLE, where 10 bicycles were restored.

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