SEMOA and their dormitory in Pahang

Orang Asli boy at SEMOA in Tras, Pahang

I came across SEMOA in 2013 when travelling around the country looking for subjects to be featured in Born in Malaysia. This non-profit NGO dedicated to the Orang Asli, an underserved community, immediately spoke to my heart.

Timothy and Rajen, the two men behind SEMOA, work towards putting Asli kids in schools. All of us know that education is vital and the only way forward for the indigenous people of this country.

But it is not an easy task. Many Asli communities live in remote areas far from national schools. The national education system that is so familiar to those living urban cities is not part of their culture and Asli children often find it difficult to assimilate and stay in school.

Besides providing accommodation and care for Asli schoolchildren, SEMOA strives to improve the living conditions of the Asli community in every possible way.  Surviving solely on donations, SEMOA arranges for medical services, provides food and clothes, and looks for jobs for Asli villagers.

As a Malaysian, I believe that it is my responsibility to contribute to the Asli community so that they can stand amongst us with dignity and pride.  I started by dedicating ten pages in Born in Malaysia to the Orang Asli and SEMOA (see page 152).

Now, I am assisting SEMOA in their future endeavours and gladly appreciate your support. If you are interested in contributing to this wonderful cause, write to

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