The Cover Photo

The cover photo on my book happened through pure dumb luck or divine intervention. Up until the third year of the project, I had still not decided on a cover photo. I was photographing the fishermen at a fishing village near Teluk Bidara in Terengganu when I was hounded by these three kids. They kept on asking me to photograph them.. “Abang, ambil gambar saya, cepatlah” (Quickly, take our picture). I kept on pushing them off. Far from being annoyed, I was enjoying the banter with them and purposely did not turn back to look at them. When I finally did, I was presented with the perfect shot for my cover. I did not have to ask them to pose at all. They had done it all by themselves. Classic!

It is my intention to travel to all the places where I photographed my subjects to give them a copy of my book. When I meet these 3 kids again, I am sure they will have a very smug look on their faces that says, “I told you so”.

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